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Hillcrest Drive Elementary School is a public t k through 5th grade Elementary School located in the heart of the Crenshaw District in the Baldwin village community we are comprised of three schools we are Community School a Spanish dual-language school and a music Magnet School ramalinga hit the wall we have a K-5 dual-language program and our goal is for the students to develop bilingual ISM by literacy social cultural competence and high academic achievement a b o a Spanish dual-language program is a 70/30 model where students learn to speak English and Spanish at the same time to dual language program serves as a pathway to prepare our students to receive the Seal of bye letter C on their graduation to Flomaton High School our music magnet program at Hillcrest Drive is the only Elementary music magnet in all of LAUSD it is a unique program in that are students receive music instructions integrated into the Gen Ed curriculum and they also receive instruction with a certificated music teacher I'm in the music Megan here and I'm here because ever since I listen to music I was a baby I loved it and I was like whatever I'm doing I want to go to a school that has this stuff and now my dream came true because I'm at the best school ever student come to music twice weak in some instances three times a week something great about our program is that we are k-25 and so students are exposed to music at a very early age we also incorporate off-campus experiences for our where we have Partnerships with the LA Opera and they get to experience performances we also have Partnerships with the Colburn School of Music where we get to visit their campus and experience music do we perform for our parents and it's really really cool I like that against you show my parents when I learn every year school-wide we do have a Visual and Performing Arts Cadre that students are able to participate in and that's comprised of art music and dance students are able to rotate through a different activity every six to eight weeks which helps to keep them excited and engage about school last year we had art class and I enjoyed it because we got to paint and draw different things and to see we have PE and I love it because our PE teacher. He teaches us about our body and we get to have fun without friends what I love most about the school as a parent is the teachers there the children be able to express myself and teach our children that anything is possible the back says your brain you are a we have teachers that have started their career here and have been here 30 years plus they give everything of themselves so that our Scholars can reach their full potential our population of students is about 50% an American at 50% Latino so with that we do believe and being culturally relevant and responsive and that's because we know that students learn better when they're able to relate to the experiences when they're able to see reflections of them self within the material and curriculum in order to meet the needs of our students we are beef at school and Beast that stands for black student achievement plan and with this program we have a cultural and climate Advocate and she helps with the students who I need of that assistance the school teachers are students lifelong skills restorative justice how to handle conflict we have a student store in the kids learn Eagle bucks if he just say I'll try not to Literacy for students to stay after school we do partner with LA space and they provide snacks for the students they also do activities and field trips for students I recommend the school because it's like a really cool and fun this is a school where love exists here it's just full of support for all stakeholders involved