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Maintaining student accounts

Maintaining Student SSO Accounts

If you are a Hillcrest Teacher and you'd like to manage the SSO accounts for your classroom, you can do so! This option allows you to create a super simple and easy to remember password for your classroom. 

To accomplish this you will need:

  1. The student's District ID number
  2. The student's date of birth (DOB)
  3. The student's PIN

Retrieving the student's information from MyData

  1. Visit on your web browser, sign in using your SSO credentials if/when prompted.

  2. Click "MyData" under the Student Information card.

  3. Click "Classroom" under MyData Dashboards.

  4. Click "My students, Current year data"

  5. Click "Email / Account Roster".

  6. Apply any filters as needed such as School and Teacher. Click "Apply" and then choose "Student Email / Account" to generate a report that can be exported to a Spreadsheet.

  7. Now that you have the Students District ID, DOB and PIN you can reset their password.

  8. Visit

  9. Click "Student".

  10. Click "Activate your account or reset your password with your District ID and Student PIN".

  11. Read the LAUSD AUP, click the checkbox that says "I agree to the terms and conditions of the LAUSD Acceptable Use Policy" and click "Accept".

  12. Enter the Student's District ID, DOB and PIN number in their respective field.

  13. Click "Next".

  14. Enter a password that fulfills the requirements listed.

  15. Success! Your student's password has now been activated and reset!