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Dual Language Program

dual language program introduction

Hillcrest Drive Elementary School offers a Dual Language Academy beginning with our Kindergarten program. We started our Spanish Dual Language Kindergarten class in 2002. Our program is a 70/30 model. In the Kindergarten and 1st Grade classes, our students are meant to receive 70% of their instruction in Spanish. This allows the students to be immersed in the language from a very young age and gives them the opportunity to acquire the language in a natural setting.

The students in this program learn to be bi-literate, not just bi-lingual. They learn to Speak, Listen, Read and Write in both Spanish and English. This opportunity is highly rigorous and can have life-long learning benefits for the students who fully participate in the program. Students benefit by learning from one another as well as learning all of their curriculum in both languages. We accept all students who are willing to work hard so that they can acquire all the necessary skills need to succeed in the program. If your child is above the age of five, there may still be opportunities to have them join our program. Please come by the school and inquire about how you can become a part of this amazing opportunity starting in Kindergarten.

Our Dual-Language School Teachers:

Ms. Barrera (Kindergarten) - Room 27

Mr. Lopez (1st Grade) - Room 28

Ms. Gutierrez (2nd Grade) - Room 29

Mr. Rodriguez (3rd Grade) - Room 31

Ms. Remigio (4th & 5th Grade) - Room 32