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Our Community School

Hillcrest Drive Elementary School, home of the Eagles, has a dedicated, caring, supportive, and nurturing staff of teachers that are committed to providing a safe, fun, and healthy educational environment for all students. We believe in our scholars and promote a growth mindset and academic success while facilitating the Common Core State Standards. Our bright, intelligent, beautiful, and charismatic scholars are constantly challenged to push themselves to show they can accomplish anything they put their minds to, often surprising themselves in their personal accomplishments. We value collaboration among our scholars to show respect, responsibility, teamwork, honesty, kindness, and tolerance for all.

We are a culturally responsive school serving a diverse and multicultural population of students in our surrounding community. We have daily MELD/ELD lessons to foster each student’s background, culture, and language needs. Additionally, each scholar is assigned an iPad to facilitate our technologically progressive world with access to online instruction. To help with the social/emotional well-being of each student we have Second Step lessons and Restorative Justice circles. As a way to demonstrate leadership skills, students in grades 3-5 have an opportunity to run for office in our Student Council or be a representative for their classroom. We also offer several extra-curricular activities that give that well-rounded education. Hillcrest scholars participate in direct instruction of art, dance, music, and theater with our annual mind-blowing schoolwide performances.

Our amazing staff, students, families, and parent center make Hillcrest a place of learning where our students can soar and excel to be the best they can be.